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Virtcom Consulting LLC  is a hybrid management consultancy, tapping into both the art and science of business optimization. At its core is a sophisticated platform of financial and business intelligence analytics, AKA our Return on Investment (ROI)Calculators. Estabished in 2001, the firm leverages hundreds to thousands of datapoints, so that Virtcom's data scientists can uncover corporate blindspots or missed business opportunities. However analytics alone rarely leads to monetization without the prospects of strong cultural support tools. Virtcom arms middle and senior managers with advanced leadership competencies that go beyond the typical soft skills, by leading to tangible, measurable business impact. Whether you are a funded startup in the Renewable Energy space or a Fortune 500 company in manufacturing, Virtcom can offer a customized solution that transforms your organization from "flabby" to "fit." 

The Virtcom Transformation process is data first, but people driven. Phase 1 is the Audit or Assessment phase which is highly data-collection intensive. Virtcom data scientists with help you comb your SAP or other ERP system to look for new dimensions of your data that is typically not seen, heard or found. The net result of the process is the identication of the blindspots or corporate optimization opportunities. In the case of the startup, especially in Renewable Energy, the Virtcom team has a team of specialists from Real Estate and Facilities professionals to technology assessment experts to determine the pathway to growth, with the least downside and risk. 

In phase 2, the data scientists quantify the blindspots opportunities and create three tier scenario analysis to derive your Blindspots ROI calculator. In phase 2 for startups such as Renewable Energy, our team layouts out your corporate blueprint- a document of all key roles and responsibilities projects and timelines over a minimum 100 day period. 

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